Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Merry Christmas

It has been an exciting year for our family, full of a lot of firsts. At the beginning of the year, in January, I was promoted to the Independent Living Specialist for the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation. Then, in February we moved into our very first house, and celebrated our 2nd aniversary. In March, we welcomed Arwin's mother to America, for a six month visit. While she was here, we traveled all around Utah, to Las Vegas, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Minnesota. We had a great time, and were very sad when she went back home to the Philippines. We hope to have her come back within the next month or so. Our big plans for this coming year include my first trip to the Philippines, for which I am very excited!
The best part of the year has been watching our little LeiaAnne go from a tiny little baby to a beautiful little girl. She is now walking, babbling, and constantly getting into everything. She is the most beautiful child I have ever seen, and I am so proud to be her mom.
Arwin continues to teach high school, and the students love him. He also has many plans and dreams for a business in the Philippines, so we continue to look for opportunities.
I am working on my Master's Degree at Virginia Commonwealth University. I just finished the semester, and got a 4.0, so I am thrilled.
Merry Christmas to all! I hope the holidays are joyful, and that this next year brings many blessings and glad tidings.


Trisha said...

Your daughter is beautiful. Looks like she enjoys Santa as much as my Brigham. Congrats on all the new things done! You guys did a lot. If you are ever interested email me and you can see my blog. I miss you, it's been a long time.
Merry Christmas

John Holly Levi & Faith said...

Maren! I was so surprised to see your blog e-mail! I don't know where you got my e-mail address, but I'm glad you had it. Your daughter is beautiful, of course!! Just like her mom.

My husband ran into your mom several times at the cancer office. Hope she's doing well! John finally finished out his year of chemo in April.

Love hearing about what you're up to!

Maren said...

I must have had your e-mail in my address book. How great to hear from you. My mom also finished her chemo in June, and she is doing just fine. Glad to hear your husband is well.
Trish, I would love to see you! Do you get to come home for the holidays? I really miss you too.

Chrissy said...

Look at how cute she is! CUTE! And what is this business of you guy's coming through Colorado and not calling me? You are in big trouble sister! Hey.....I still need your address. When are you guy's going to the Philipines? I hope next time I'm out there I can make it out to see you guy's. Well....I guess I better go to bed, or at least try since my roomie and her boyfriend are out there making all kinds of noise. Love ya chica! Miss you!

Maren said...

We were down south, near Moab, no where near Golden. If we had been near Golden, you know I would have called!!

Mildred said...
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Mildred said...
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Mildred said...

You do have a cute daughter. I remember when I was little I liked Santa. However, as I grew my fear of the kindly old man increased as well. Strange, huh?