Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Passionate Prayers

Today at work we had a memorial service for a young man who died at the residence where I work. It was very moving, very passionate. The people speaking, saying the prayers, etc, were so touching. They truly loved this little boy, and believed he had gone to a better place.
The nicest part was the diversity of reliogion found in that room. We had Jewish, we had baptist, we had catholic, myself(LDS), etc, etc, etc. We all came together to honor a life well lived, and put aside our differences. Every one put their own beliefs into their words, and respected those who believed different than they do. I felt so happy seeing everyone respect one another.
We (Arwin, Rebecca, and I) enjoy watching "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" every week on Sundays. This week there was a Hindu family in Queens. I was so impressed how the crew of the show honored this families religion, and prepared a home in that honor.
I wish we could all have that respect for each others beliefs. I wish we could all get together and celebrate life, rather than thinking "my way is better than your way". I wish there were no wars and no contentions over religion. I think God was proud of the service we had today. I don't see any reason why my prayers would be heard more than anyone else's in the room. What a great moment today was.


Todd B. said...

It's always interesting to see what happens when people remember we are all children of God, plain and simple. Amazingly, many of the differences we think exist disappear and a sense of fellowship is kindled. That is definetly something that our world is in dire need of.

Maren said...

I agree. If we just would embrace our sameness and love our differences, everyone would be happier. I love that there is a deep spiritual sameness to all of us, but that we have individual personalities and perspectives. I think the world would be a dull place indeed if we all believed, acted, and thought the same way.