Friday, May 19, 2006

Perpetual Pennsylvania

We are now in Toledo, Ohio. How nice that the hotel has computer access. Rebecca was more excited about the waffle maker at the free breakfast. In a few moments we will begin again.
The trip has not been exciting. This is because Pennsylvania feels like it goes on for an eternity. It does not help that it is impossible to speed with a moving truck. I almost cried when we hit the Ohio state line, because we were finally in another state.
Rebecca and her father have been the commanders of the truck. More power to them. I rode with Rebecca in the truck for a little while, and knew that I could not drive that thing. I think I would be so panicked that I would tip the whole thing over. However, Rebecca thinks it makes her feel tough.
Well, we better get on the road again. Wish us luck. Nebraska is worse than Pennsylvania, so I hope I do not loose my mind!


Chrissy said...

Holy Toledo Batman! Just remember Scriv Scriv, traveling is fun! And I get to see you soon. HUZZAH!

Trisha said...

Maren I can not believe you were that close to us and you didn't let us know! We could have come to see you. Toledo is only about an hour away from Ann Arbor!

Maren said...

Trisha, I am so sorry. Geography was not my best subject. I thought about calling you about my trip, but did not think you were anywhere close to where I was!! Anyway, are you still coming out to Utah in August? I hope so!